Lance Wynn:
Site's lookin good Dayne:
love your sight telling all my hunting buddies about it excellent looking dogs. and pedigrees. Brad  Talltail Kennel:
Your site looks good.  Nice dogs. zack miller:
Excellent Web site!
Omar Zimbozza:
Awesome web site man! Mark Gillman:
Looks Good!  Almost the grouse hunt ! Frank & Carolyn Muterspaw:
Frank & Evelyn Cook:
Enjoyed seeing what you are doing with your dogs.  Go Kids! Tom Kosmack:
Art great site! Hope I can make the fall trials Jared Purser:
Good looking dogs on your web site.  Are you expecting any more pups soon?  Great looking site Art. Ron Wing:
Great looking site. Just purchased two female GSP puppies. Sire of puppies is Skyline's power stroke. Dam is Sadie   from Triple T's Rusty and Skyline's Miss Cheyenne. Good looking dogs and can't wait to see them grow and become bird hunting machines. The Richard Humphers:
Nice site & good information. Patty McNary:
I forgot to post where I was from. Allen E. Bailey:
Nice site, I like the map. Great dogs, see you at the Spring Trial. James Kyrylchuk:
I think that you have a great site Post Not Active Jamie Orth:
Hobie Smith:
Nice site and i like your blood line. Gus is a nice looking dog? Chris Benskin:
Sent you an email, nice site, nice dogs. Linda Sanders:
Hi Art - congratulations on Mike's win! Thanks for coming. :
Vinny Landolina:
Great site. Awsome looking dog. Love the Wildfire in your pedigree. Frank Muterspaw:
Now in St. George. Great web site...go posse Jere Ayers:
Can't wait to get a puppy! Post Not Active greg anderson:
John & Stacie Whitford:
Great dogs from a great kennel! Lance McNatt:
Robbi Gulledge (Blue Dawn Kennels):
Nice site Art.  Gorgeous dogs. Jared:
Paul Burbey:
Nice talking wwith you Connie Watson:
Very nice well done job, Awsome dogs! Rebecca:
I have no doubt you are great at what you do!! Jerry:
Nice Site from an old friend Post Not Active Post Not Active Post Not Active Three Bars Ranch:
nice looking dogs jeb:
Nice, YOU ROCK Mike Bowers:
From the land of Ringnecked phesants, sharp tail grouse and Hungarian partridge Doug:
Nice site Art!! Chip:
Very nice site Art. Awesome dogs, loved working with you guys, thanks for the hospitality Post Not Active
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